Legato (adj.) Italian for “tied together”. Indicates that musical notes are played smoothly.

The Legato spa music collection seamlessly fuses unique musical genres to create a soothing experience that unites the listener’s physical, mental and spiritual spheres in a sense of serenity. Swirling sitars and tablas set the scene for this inward journey of musical mediation. The exotic sounds of Indian flutes wafts through the air with the aromas of sandalwood and incense. The infusion of piano and guitar creates internal equilibrium and aligns the chakras of the listening experience.

listenBtn1 Legato 2011

preview energy Legato 2011


Be swept away on a spiritual journey by the very sounds, touch and scents of a peaceful and relaxing temple. Let calming, aromatic scents consume your very being. Meditate to the simple beauty found in Indian flutes and sitar notes. Soothe away all the bad energy and negativity… here, you are one.

Total playing time: 69:06
$15.95 + Shipping & Handling

preview essence Legato 2011


Slowly ease into an earthy tranquility with softly caressed drumming and cool water trickling down a mountain spring. Waves barely come crashing in by the very sounds of exotic birds, while native flutes balance the spirit only to then be awakened by a delicate triangle leaving a rejuvenated mind and body.

Total playing time: 65:06
$15.95 + Shipping & Handling

preview urban Legato 2011


Give your mind a rest and let the sounds of the violin, guitar and drum beats relax you into a hypnotic state.
As your mind eases back to a clean and restful being, visualize the sounds of soothing variations from the harp and bamboo flutes. Feeling free as bird, you’ll re-energize and soar through the clear sky.

Total playing time: 58:28
$15.95 + Shipping & Handling