ICON-mixPrivate Label CDs

The best and most effective way to promote your brand and business is none other than through private label CDs. There’s no question that music helps make that powerful long and lasting impression. Good music evokes your senses and is what helps make your business stand out from the crowd. Customized private label CDs enhance the overall customer experience, capturing the very essence of your business. The surrounding, touch, smells, taste and sounds. Private label CDs are used to drive customers and bring them back to your business time and time again. With Prescriptive Music, your hotel, spa, restaurant and retail shop can connect with your customers and demographics on a more meaningful and enduring level.

Vibe Music Collection

This four-disc compilation explores four different musical vibes throughout the day – Awaken, Métropolitaine, Entourage and Till Dawn. In addition, we are launching the most innovative packaging for retail, corporate gifting and VIP turn-down service;  all compilations on 1 Digital Album (USB drive).  Make sure to ask about our Private Label program as well.

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Legato Music Collection

The Legato spa music collection seamlessly fuses unique musical genres to create a soothing experience that unites the listener’s physical, mental and spiritual spheres in a sense of serenity. Swirling sitars and tablas set the scene for this inward journey of musical mediation.

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