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Our team of music consultants will educate themselves about your brand to build a schedule of playlists that work in your brick and mortar locations.  If the ambiance of your property differs through multiple zones or alters at different times of day, we will uncover these needs and meet the demands of any space.

Standardize Your Sound


Our “Sound Standard”, like a brand standard, is a term used to define the over-arching musical blueprint that compliments your brand.  This standard acts as a guiding light for our consultants to build and implement your music schedule.


The Key To an Exceptional Music Program


Dayparting is a term commonly used in radio and television programming to describe the practice of dividing the day into several parts. During each of these “dayparts” a different music schedule is assigned. In the United States, the radio industry divides the day into five different dayparts and each will have a distinct programming approach:Morning Drive Time (6 am -10 am), Midday (10 am – 3 pm), Afternoon Drive (3 pm – 7 pm), Evenings (7 pm – 12 am), and Overnight (12 am – 6 am).

At Prescriptive Music we have adopted dayparting to define the changes in mood of an environment throughout the day to create different dayparts for these changes. For example, dayparts at a restaurant can be defined by certain service patterns that alter the ambiance. This method splits breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night into different dayparts treating each with a unique, programming approach. When working with Prescriptive Music, our consulting staff will attune to the nuances of your environment and tailor dayparted lists that compliment different times of day.

Always Fresh


To ensure your music stays fresh and relevant, our consultants update your music schedule on a monthly basis.  During an update your music remains uninterrupted as our consultants swap out 15-20% of the existing schedule for new content.

Size is No Matter.


With a consistent overview, Prescriptive Music’s consultants will plan, manage and monitor your multiple brick and mortar locations, no matter the size.  Working with robust hardware and software, Prescriptive’s consultants build music solutions for large, commercial, properties, with limitless audio zones, all in real-time.   A perfect solution for casinos, hotels, and shopping malls, in need of unique music schedules through different areas on a property.

Limitless Control


Though we build and schedule your playlists with the utmost care, we recognize there will be times when you’ll want to change a song, queue up a new song or change a playlist all together.  So we offer a mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices.

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