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Custom In-Store Radio


Prescriptive Music works with brands to design tailored playlists for physical spaces. Our strengths lie in attuning to the nuances of each client’s environment – from the time of day to the décor of the space – translating these visual cues into unrivaled music curation. We understand that visual style is only enhanced when the right music is used to inform the “feeling” of a space. With this knowledge, we shape the sonic dimension of  physical spaces by imbuing them with emotion to make them unforgettable.

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Fully Licensed Music Supply


With the requisite licensing agreements in place, our music consultants build each music schedule from a catalog of over 15 million tracks, all pre-cleared for background use. With Prescriptive Music, we take care of the administrative work involved with Performance Rights Organizations so you never have to.

Our White-Glove Approach


Beyond curating exceptional music schedules for our clients, Prescriptive Music is a full-service, music solution for all your in-store needs. Meaning you never have to worry about the licensing, software, delivery or systems that will run your music program. We oversee everything, backed by our 24 hour technical support, to ensure your focus remains with running your business.

Seamlessly Scale

Regardless of your businesses size, Prescriptive Music can curate, schedule and standardize the sound of your brand across multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

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